12 Sales influencers to follow on social media

Trading specialists, market leaders, opinion makers or true gurus for those who work in the sector: call it what you like, but don’t forget to follow and learn from these sales influencers!

You sure follow some influencers on your social media, don’t you? New opinion makers in lifestyle, beauty, food and sport seem to appear faster every day in our timeline, sharing the most diverse tips and teaching us to change habits and behaviors.

But it’s not just in your personal life that you can learn from digital influencers! There are many sales professionals who also share their knowledge on the internet and with whom you can learn about new practices and strategies to increase your results! Want to know who they are? Keep reading this article!

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Our list: 12 sales influencers to follow today!

Sales influencers are found in the most diverse channels on the internet, with its own blog, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube being the main ones. In other words, it has content in the most diverse formats for you to devour and boost your career as a salesperson.

In the list below, you will find out about different profiles that are a reference today in Brazil and in the world when we talk about sales. Enjoy the tips and be sure to start following them today!

Gustavo Pagotto

1. Gustavo Pagotto, LinkedIn Regional Sales Manager

As it should be, LinkedIn’s Regional Sales Manager for Latin America has in his profile on this network a lot of content about Social Selling, selling through social networks.

His texts are very didactic and use everyday situations to teach valuable sales techniques. This is the case in the article where he tells what lessons he learned from the practice of sports such as water polo and rugby.

What’s more, he shares a lot of “first-hand” information about LinkedIn, its news and sales best practices. Don’t stop following!

Sean Sheppard2. Sean Sheppard, Founder of GrowthX

One of LinkedIn’s top Top Voices around the world, Sean Sheppard has helped many businesses become profitable through excellence in sales and management. As he says in his own profile, with his company he helps companies make money, not just raise capital via investors.

It is worth following his articles, which talk about the professional market for salespeople and how to make the best pitch of ideas, among other topics relevant to business development.

Sean Sheppard is also active on Twitter, where he has over 12,000 followers.

Vitor Peçanha3. Vitor Peçanha, Co-founder of Rock Content

We can’t deny it: in recent years, content marketing has become a powerful tool for sales, whether it’s generating leads, nurturing contacts, supporting the closing of the deal or in the relationship with the customer.

Taking this into account, Vitor Peçanha, founder of Rock Content, is certainly one of the biggest influencers of sales associated with this theme. On LinkedIn, he talks about entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation and, of course, sales!

We leave as a recommendation the article in which he talks about what the Street Fighter game can teach about the sales funnel!

Alberto Couto4. Alberto Couto

Alberto Couto has over 40 years of experience in training salespeople, working in various segments. In addition to his consulting firm, he also spends part of his time mentoring Endeavor and posts on his blog and LinkedIn profile about the day-to-day challenges of salespeople and organizations looking to increase their sales.

For those who like to read content that is really focused on the seller’s reality, your texts can hit the nail on the head! We recommend the article that talks about why the customer’s “no” is not always a definite no.

https://agendor-blog-uploads.s3.sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/2018/03/16180644/Guilherme-Machado.png5. Guilherme Machado

He is a true real estate sales guru, but his tips can definitely help sellers in other industries. After all, selling high-value goods, such as real estate, also brings a great deal of learning about consultative sales, negotiation and customer relationships.

Guilherme Machado has a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram profile and Facebook page that are always up to date. Recently, he also released the book “You won’t be able to sell like this anymore”, which even made the list of best sellers in Brazil in the Business category.

Marcelo Ortega6. Marcelo Ortega

Well known as a speaker in the sales area, Marcelo Ortega doesn’t just share his tips on stage. He has a blog, a Youtube channel and a LinkedIn profile, where he publishes very useful content applicable to the seller’s daily life.

We recommend two articles from this sales influencer to get you started: “The challenge of getting your first customers” and “How to sell more in tough times”.

André Ortiz7. André Ortiz

Another successful speaker on the sales convention stage is Professor André Ortiz, who also keeps his content channels updated to position himself among the most relevant sales influencers in the Brazilian market today.

For those who are in need of extra motivation to achieve results, there are good articles and videos to help overcome a salesperson’s main challenges. They are available on André Ortiz’s blog and YouTube channel.

Mike Weinberg8. Mike Weinberg

If you follow content in English as well, Mike Weinberg is one of the sales influencers you must follow! He is a sales coach and author of a series of books that have become bibles for salespeople. The main one is New Sales Simplified, unfortunately not yet available in Portuguese.

To take advantage of Mike Weinberg’s knowledge, it’s worth following his blog and subscribing to his email list for newsletters and newsletters!

Lucia Haramevic9. Lucia Haramevic, CEO of DNA Sales

In her company, she has been helping businesses achieve maximum sales performance for over 10 years. During this period, he served large accounts such as General Motors, Nestlé, Porto Seguro and Carrefour.

The knowledge acquired over these years and the methodology created to accelerate sales and structure teams are present in the contents published by Lucia Haramevic on her social networks, especially on LinkedIn. Also keep an eye on her participation in events, she has been invited to speak at the main congresses on marketing and sales in Brazil!

Thiago Gabri10. Thiago Gabri, Sales Enablement at Resultados Digitais

Thiago is in charge of the sales team of one of the fastest growing startups in the Brazilian market in recent years. The result? Many tips and lessons to be shared with sellers who want to go further and innovate in their markets.

Follow his posts on LinkedIn, like this one that shares the key points of attention when planning your sales for a new year.

Paul Rios11. Paul Rios, Director General of HubSpot in Brazil

HubSpot is an absolute reference when it comes to Inbound Marketing and sales generation from this strategy. Its General Director in Brazil, Paul Rios, therefore, is one of the sales influencers to be followed by those who want to deepen their knowledge on the subject.

Although he doesn’t publish his own articles on his LinkedIn profile, he shares a lot of news and research from the company he represents, as well as promoting excellent discussions!

Gustavo Paullilo12. Gustavo Paullilo, Co-founder and CEO of Agendor

Of course, this list could not miss one of our team members, our Co-founder and CEO Gustavo Paullilo. You can find a lot of the content written by him here on our blog, but he also maintains frequent publications on Linkedin.

And why is it worth following? Practical tips for planning and executing sales strategies, always focusing on improving your work. For starters, we recommend the article on how to use LinkedIn to reach your potential customers.

Knowledge in the palm of your hand!

After this accurate list of sales influencers for you to follow, we would like to emphasize the importance of following these influencers in your area of ​​expertise.

We are well aware that it is increasingly difficult to be able to participate in events, conventions and on-site courses. But even so, the market demands from you new techniques and approaches every day, especially in times of crisis and low demand.

The easiest way to keep up-to-date, then, is to take advantage of small free moments to seek knowledge. What can be in the palm of your hand, just access a blog, a social network or a video channel on your cell phone!

And, in order not to lose focus, how about setting a goal? Set aside 20 minutes of your lunch break, or even your time in transit, to read or watch content a day. We are sure that many ideas and opportunities can arise from this small change in habit!