Customer experience: charming examples to inspire

Have you ever stopped to think about the relevance of the customer experience? Well-known examples, such as fintech Nubank and the Netflix streaming network, don’t let us lie. Both companies accumulate expressive revenues (in 2019, the roxinho bank surpassed R$2 billion in revenue, while the streaming channel reached US$5.8 billion in the first quarter of 2020).

And here, you may be asking yourself: “what do these two companies have in common?”

We answer: both are famous for directing their strategies to the satisfaction and delight of their consumers, always thinking about how to improve the customer experience.

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If you’re still missing the transformative power of customer-driven sales management, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll talk about the concept of customer experience, inspiring examples, and tips for bringing the lessons of big brands to your business.

Good reading!

What is customer experience? 

Customer experience is the result of actions and strategies adopted by the sales force to generate satisfaction during the purchase journey. 

If your company still believes that price is everything a consumer looks for in a brand, it’s time to review concepts. To give you an idea, according to PwCfor 73% of consumers, experience is one of the most important factors in the purchase decision. 

And it doesn’t stop there: this other study, also from PwC, shows that providing a memorable shopping experience can yield impressive rewards. One of them is the possibility of increasing the value of your products by up to 23%! 

The truth is, companies that care about the customer experience demonstrate care at every point of contact between the customer and the company. This means that, more than “round” processes, the company is concerned with offering personalized contacts. They must be conducted by agents willing to best serve the consumer’s needs.

Is it a laborious strategy? Yes! Does it require commitment and dedication from the entire sales force, from marketing to customer success? Yes! But, we guarantee: the effort is worth it and the results are many.

Read on to discover the effects of a good customer experience and examples to follow!

What are the REAL impacts of a good customer experience?

Now you know what customer experience is. How about understanding how the actions taken during the shopping journey can effectively impact the perception of your brand?

That’s what we’ll see next.

1. Loyal customers, higher sales volume

Did you know that after a bad shopping experience, 59% of customers stop doing business with a brand? That’s right! Leaving the customer experience aside can directly impact your business’ sales volume.

Furthermore, this Invespcro study shows that an increase of just 5% in a customer’s loyalty level can impact up to 25% on the average profit of each buyer.

This is because loyal customers tend to buy more items from the company they trust. According to Inmoment, in addition to volume, loyal customers are also recurrent. To be more precise, 60% of survey respondents say they buy more often from a company when they like the service and shopping experience it offers.

Is it or isn’t it time to start thinking about customer loyalty through the shopping experience?

2. More chances for nomination and positive feedback

Another benefit of understanding how to improve the customer experience is the positive impact on business valuations and referrals. That’s because, when they leave a shopping journey satisfied, customers tend to speak highly of it to friends and acquaintances — in so-called referral marketing.

According to Nielsen83% of people have full or partial trust in recommendations from friends and family. On the other hand, a satisfied customer after a good shopping experience tends to indicate the brand up to 5 times more than in other cases.

See how the data crosses?

3. Resources used more effectively

Finally, it is important to emphasize how a good customer experience can contribute to a better internal allocation of resources.

The true value of customer experience survey is specific in this regard: delivering good customer experiences can contribute to a reduction of more than 30% in customer service costs. 

This is because pro-customer experience behaviors tend to be more assertive, minimizing rework or the need to carry out operational processes repeatedly.

Customer experience: inspirational examples 

After reading all the advantages of investing in strategy, we are sure that our customer experience cases will be the icing on the cake to convince you to redirect your sales efforts right now.

We separate 3 inspiring cases from companies globally known for their customer-centric performance.


The first example from our list of customer experience cases, Nubank spares no effort to impress its consumers.

The so-called “wow moments” are actions and attitudes of your salespeople that go beyond the traditional sales script. For Brazilian fintech, the important thing is to create real connections and share stories with customers.


Authenticity, sense of humor and agility. With these three adjectives, we were able to describe a little bit of what Netflix customer service is all about.

If you follow or follow the streaming channel on social media, you’ve already come across a witty response or an unconventional title ad, right? See some examples here.

This is the strategy developed by the network to get closer to its audience, carefully studied by the service through a precise and specific algorithm.

According to Netflix itself, in addition to following the options selected by users, the following are also observed:

  • The Time You Watch It,
  • The Devices On Which You Watch Netflix And
  • How Long Do You Watch.


The world’s largest theme park chain couldn’t be left out of the list of customer experience examples. After all, every child has dreamed of going to the magical world of Walt Disney — and if they had the opportunity to do so, they weren’t disappointed.

The expertise of Disney employees in providing their customers with the best experience possible has been transformed into the Disney method of customer service, replicated by companies around the world and present in books and films on the subject.

Some of the pillars of the world-famous method of enchantment are:

  • Immersive experiences;
  • Environmental awareness;
  • Engaged employees;
  • Personalization in all services;
  • Technology as an ally in simple and routine processes.

Does customer experience only work in B2C? 

If you are in B2B sales and are wondering if the above examples also fit your strategy, the answer is: YES!

In addition to being very well replicated in B2C operations, the above strategies work perfectly in businesses that sell to other companies.

A good example is the Disney method of customer service, replicated in companies of different sizes and segments around the world.

The big secret to generating good experiences for the client (whether it is an individual or a company) is knowing the profile of the target audience and working to acquire relevant information about it. Knowing what your customer expects makes it easier to exceed expectations and provide incredible moments with the brand, isn’t it?

Here are 6 golden tips for optimizing your customer experience.

How to improve the customer experience? Quick and effective tips 

Now that you know all about the customer experience, examples and advantages of adopting the strategy, how about some quick and practical tips?

  • Keep the team engaged and motivated with training and updates;
  • Adopt an omnichannel strategy to communicate with customers;
  • Develop a customer centric culture ;
  • Bet on big data to follow the trajectory of consumers in the company;
  • Study customer preferences with satisfaction surveys and questionnaires;
  • Adopt a CRM to integrate areas of the sales force and streamline the response to tickets.

If you feel you have everything you need to take the next step and become one of the role models of customer experience, we can help you!

Start by choosing the best CRM software to leverage your strategy. Look for a simple, intuitive and complete platform that puts the customer at the center of the strategy.