Customer Thank You Quotes: Be sincere and objective

Customer Thank You Phrases Can’t Be False: The Customer Trusts You

– Thank you for shopping with us!

– Check back often!

– We hope to see you here again soon!

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Granted, these customer thank-you phrases are a welcome demonstration of politeness, but don’t we fall for the obvious every time we utter one of these thank-you phrases, like, a little over the top?

It’s good to be aware of this and reflect that nothing can be worse for scaring off customers than coldness or clearly automatic behavior.

So it’s good to police yourself and try to be as spontaneous and sincere as possible.

Customer thank-you phrases must be sincere

For example: a customer goes to a store and even finds something he really wanted, but he only had a display piece. When he is leaving, a little upset with the situation, the seller says, distracted and motivated by the custom: – Thank you for buying with us!

It’s… not good!

Or worst. Imagine that a certain customer is leaving a hospital and the valet says, when delivering the car: – Always come back!

No, no… Better not!

Now, if you’re looking for customer thank- you phrases to write on cards , personal messages, or in an email, you can even jot down some inspirational formulas or phrases.

But again, beware! Don’t repeat the same phrase for the same customer!

To help you, in either of these two situations, we have separated a series of inspiring tips. Use when writing or saying thank you phrases to the customer.

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Using Customer Appreciation Phrases

Giving thanks is part of good education. And when someone brings you or your company some benefit, being grateful is part of what is expected.

Of course, when a sale is made, you both owe each other thanks: if on the one hand the customer chose your product or service (and you are grateful for that), on the other hand you have solved a problem for them! You helped him find what he wanted, wanted, or needed.

The key to thank-you customer phrases is to show just that: that you enjoy what you do and feel good about helping people solve their problems.

Often, you will hear back: – Thank you!

So let’s get to the customer thank-you phrase tips, starting with Point of Sale (POS) situations.

Tips for thank you phrases at the POS

Remember one important thing: the customer left his house, got into traffic or a crowded bus, and chose to go to your store, talk to you.

Be grateful and polite just for that, right away.

Customer Thank You Quotes

Do not treat the customer coldly or automatically

But the key to successful in-store customer thank-you phrases is very simple: Carefully analyze the situation.

See some examples, not ready-made sentences, but how to act in each situation.

  • The customer hasn’t bought anything but seems to have liked the store: Thank him for visiting and, if so, offer him your card, pledging to help him if he needs it.
  • The customer bought a lot of things: How about helping to take everything to the car as a token of appreciation?
  • The customer bought little because he couldn’t pay for more: Be discreet and cautious, thank him for the purchase and ask for a contact to send tips on promotions and discounts in the store.
  • The customer bought it for other people (birthday or special date such as Christmas or Mother’s Day). But you didn’t buy it for him, even though you liked it:  just as in the thank you note above, ask for a contact to let you know if the product will run out or if it’s at a better price.

We could give dozens more examples. But the important thing is to understand the idea: analyze the situation and give thanks accordingly.

Have you ever thought about understanding clients better based on their posture and other unconscious signals? This will make it much easier to say thanks correctly!

Thanking the customer in writing

Now you will have the opportunity to be much more detailed, personal and specific.

Did you see the subtlety? Therefore, never resort to the emotional. A nice idea is to offer the customer a book and write the thank you note on the first page.

Whatever the means of delivery, use the customer’s name, do not write “Dear Customer”. And if it’s on paper (not electronic), use the bottom of the page to sign and ask everyone who participated in the project to sign as well.

See this inspiring example of a customer thank you letter:


We get better every day at what we do thanks to the quality you demand and the pleasure we have in collaborating with your company.

Finding the best solution and overcoming all challenges together is what encourages us to know your needs in order to meet them optimally.

Thank you for choosing our proposal and for adopting our solution.

We count on you and your collaboration, as well as knowledge and experience, for another challenge of growth in partnership.

Thank you!

9 customer thank you messages for different occasions

After all these tips, how about knowing more phrases to thank the customer, focused on specific situations?

Check out 3 times you can use great customer thank you messages.

Thank you message to the customer for the trust

  • Thank you for relying on our solutions to achieve the best results for your business.
  • The trust placed in our products and services is the best recognition we could receive from a company as important as yours.
  • Knowing that an organization focused on total quality, like yours, prefers our services and products is the greatest demonstration of trust we could expect from a company!

Year-end thank you message to the customer

  • Another year with partners like you only shows that all our dedication brings the results your company deserves!
  • In a year of overcoming challenges like this, we are very grateful for maintaining this healthy partnership with our company.
  • May all the success we achieved with you this year be repeated for many more!

Quotes to thank the customer for the purchase

  • We are proud to realize that every care your company takes to choose only high quality suppliers has led to our company selection. Thank you!
  • With each new order placed, our certainty increases that we are supplying the best products for your business. Thanks for this purchase!
  • Planning, training, product development, customer service. None of this would make sense to us if we can’t provide the quality you want. Thank you for your purchase!
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