Increasing productivity with a sales platform: 5 tips for your daily life with Scheduler

Here at Agendador, our mission is to transform the salesperson’s life through productivity. But that’s not really new.

What’s new is that we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to using the basic features of our sales platform. With the tips we’ll give you here, you can have practical results in your company’s day-to-day activities, achieving even better results. And after all, who wouldn’t want that, right?

If you are a new user of Agendor or are thinking of adopting it in your sales department, this article will introduce some best practices in the use of CRM and get you started with our solution! Want to understand better? Read on!

Bonus: make your team achieve high sales performance with our CRM platform

Agendor is a CRM and business management platform that works as a control panel and personal assistant for B2B sales teams.

What is a sales platform?

A sales platform is a system that allows your company’s sales team to record information, monitor processes, write off specific stages, organize sales flows and, in general, handle sales tasks in a more mature and integrated manner.

For this, a good sales platform is usually intuitive — so as not to overwhelm the seller — and integrated with other tools, such as CRM or some specific e-commerce management software (if that’s your case).

Why is it important to have a sales platform?

Do you know when your company is growing, your sales team is increasing, and you feel like you are losing control of the situation a little? Sales software comes precisely to make this growth sustainable.

It sets the standard for recording information in your business sector, efficient access to data and, as a result, transforms your company’s organizational culture.

So, instead of having an organization in which everyone works in a different way and with their own criteria, you now have, with the online sales platform, a single source of registration, consultation and control over the transactions that are made.

For managers, this provides even more insights for the business, as they have a broad and complete vision. While, for sellers, it allows a more effective monitoring of information and greater accuracy in proposals. Factors that increase the performance of your company’s professionals.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what a sales platform is and, in short, how it can transform your business, let’s go to the tips that we have separated for you!

5 tips to make the best use of your sales platform

We know that for many salespeople, using CRM can seem like an extra effort. That’s why it’s common for there to be some resistance to adopting this type of sales platforms, after all, new tasks need to be performed. Furthermore, the lack of familiarity may not initially make clear “when” and “what” to do on the platform.

To solve these problems, we’ve separated some tips that will help you, as a user, to get the most out of the Scheduler. For that, we’ve combined 5 key points you need to know!

It is not enough to have the most complete sales platform, it is necessary to know how to use the resources it offers to reap even better results. And we understand that: the Agent helps thousands of salespeople to achieve very expressive results. Don’t get left behind!


Increasing productivity when using a sales platform

See below for our 5 special tips on how to increase your productivity with Agendador’s sales software:

1. Registering your tasks

Your organization will basically work around this. With our sales platform, you can create tasks and schedule a deadline to execute them. This allows you to consolidate a history of your relationship with the client and record all the details of a negotiation.

Once working with this routine, you will have a digital calendar that will send reminders by email and through the Agendar application, working as a personal assistant so that you don’t forget any follow-up.

You can even revisit these tasks later to track the reasons for a successful sale, for example. With the Agentor online sales platform, everything becomes insight for your business!

2. Tracking the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel, in turn, is the resource that will guide you in following up on your sales opportunities. You can customize it according to the steps in your business process and access it whenever you want to see what stage of the process your business is at.

This requires you to add new businesses to your funnel as soon as you find new opportunities. You can also move your deals by step, from the beginning of the process to the closing of the deal.

In Agendador, you can move actions in each of the defined categories and advance your prospects through the stages. Which generates a more effective follow-up!

3. Looking at weekly sales reports

With the Agendor sales platform, the Weekly Summary is the report you will receive every Monday. In it, you can find how many activities you scheduled and performed in the last week and how your current week is organized. Information that will help you analyze your performance in this regard and organize yourself better for each week.

In addition to task-related performance, you will also receive your sales forecast, a forecast of your sales for that week, based on the “completion date” you enter when registering a deal.

On the reports tab, you can also follow the information update in real time, which is essential for you to stay up to date on the performance of your sales team.

It’s always important to remember that every business asks for a different kind of insight. As well as each salesperson or manager has preferences in viewing this information. That way, with an online sales platform, you can set up reports together with your team.

This allows the tool to meet your business and your team’s preferences in a specific way, focusing on what is most important to you. Remember: it’s not you who works for our tool, it’s the one who works for you!

4. Filtering companies, people and businesses

Our sales platform also offers filters that allow you to extract accurate information, both from your customer base and from the negotiations. Some examples of how to use filters:

  • Your customers can be classified by categories, sectors and even by origin;
  • Your deals can be filtered in different ways like start and finish date. Knowing this, you can see in specific periods how many businesses you started or how many sales you closed. There are many possibilities.

Quickly and quickly import and export documents on the Sales Agent platform. Thus, you can consolidate data even offline and also aggregate with information from the days when you didn’t use a CRM.

5. Analyzing the results of the month

The monthly summary is ‘shirt 10’ of the Scheduler reports. In it you can analyze your performance with specific indicators and through your sales funnel. Great information for you to have in that meeting with the management and to be able to show your commitment and what can be improved in the sales process.

Analyzing the month’s results and seeking insights into the numbers, you can leverage your company’s results. It is always important to consolidate the experiences you have gone through to have more security in the next ones!

Bonus tip: using the “Forgotten” filter

Yes, there were 5 tips, but this is a bonus that we prepared and it can help a lot!

In your customer list, you can find the “Forgotten” filter by clicking on the “More Filters” option. Through it, it’s possible to find a list of clients that you haven’t talked to in a while or that you never registered any interaction with on the platform.

With this possibility, finding a client that you already know (and yet was in limbo) can be a great prospecting opportunity for you. Don’t let such chances go by!

It’s time to put the tips into practice!

Now that you know a little more about how everyday life works with our sales platform, how about putting all these tips into practice? To help even more, check out the presentation that our customer success team has prepared covering the tips listed above.